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Who is Fresh Mane?

Updated: Oct 13, 2019

Aloha , my name is Natanya and I am a Vancouver, WA based Cosmetologist who operates under the name Fresh Mane and Ten Over Ten Nails & Lashes. I am in a beautiful salon called Elevate Salon & Academy on Main St in Downtown Vancouver, WA.

I am passionate about being a better cosmetologist than the one I was yesterday. My researching in to the latest and greatest could be described as obsessive, but my clients love reaping the rewards of my pursuit to never stop educating myself further in all cosmetology fields.

I am absolutely addicted to the latest trends and techniques for example Balayage (hair Painting for low maintenance dimensional blonde), Eyelash Extensions, Henna Brows and Nail Art; however, no matter the trend my core belief and goals are to give you the hair, lashes, brows and nails you want while keeping them healthy. 

What I love most about cosmetology is the creativity. And while I add creativity to all my services I kind of nerd out on the technical aspects and become detail oriented, and calculated, to ensure each client archives their desired look that fits their lifestyle.

I offer several services including Balayage, Blonding/Hair Color, Eyelash Extensions and Hair Extensions. I am certified in multiple hair extensions install methods including, but not limited to: Metowi Method Microlinks and Beaded Rows Extensions. I am not affiliated with any one brand or method, as I have spent countless hours researching and practicing multiple techniques to ensure the best result for YOUR hair. If you are ready for a fresh beauty experience click here to request a consultation. See you soon

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