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I Can't Wear Hair Extensions, I have Thin/Fine Hair.

That's correct. Some hair Extensions and their installation methods are not healthy for fine thin or thinning hair. I get asked all the time why I train and certify in different Hair Extensions and install methods. Its because every one has a different head of hair with different needs and challenges. I want to be able to address those needs to make hair dreams come true for as many people as possible.

I offered hair extensions for years believing I had nothing to offer fine/thin hair guests. Recently several install methods have been developed specifically for fine/thin hair, one of them is Flex Tip Nanos. Similar to I-Tips, Flex Tip Nanos are the smallest bonds on the extension market. These undetectable hair Extensions come with clear rubber tips, allowing for seamless installation every time. These flex-tip beauties are made for comfort and the ultimate concealable extension experience. Premium quality hair extensions can last up to year with proper care. When cared for properly Flex Tip Nanos can last up to 4 months per Installation.

Are you wondering which Hair Extensions are best for your hair? Request a consultation with me here

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