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Updated: Jul 20, 2022

Cheap hair a'int good and good hair a'int cheap. Why is that? We are willing to pay more for quality because there is more value in quality and value and/or getting your moneys worth is important. Quality hair and professional installations cost more because you get your moneys worth from the hair, and from the professional that has spent time and money developing and honing their installation skills allowing for the best possible results.

Hair extensions can be. No they are life changing. They are used to add length, volume and color to your hair. That means changes to your hair care and styling routines. First step in your hair extensions journey with me, is a consultation to determine if and which hair extensions installation method is a good fit for your lifestyle. During your consultation we will all discuss and create a hair color plan. Most people color or lighten their hair, making traditional Color Matching a pain. My goal is to choose the hair extensions color that will give you the best and minimally invasive possible blend. The $30 fee for your hair extensions consultation will be applied to the hair extensions deposit or to your installation price, if your appointment is booked within two weeks of your consultation. As an experienced extension artist who uses only the highest quality of hair extensions, and is knowledgeable with every system on the market, picking the right installation method is a very important step in keeping your hair healthy while achieving your ultimate hair goals. So yes a Hair Extensions Consultation is required. For best results an in salon hair extensions consultation with your clean, air-dried, and unstyled, that I can see and touch is recommended. However they can be conducted via Zoom Meeting but I strongly do not recommend. Hair extensions consultations can be booked online here. Your installation appointment (and any additional appointments for hair color etc.) will be booked at the end of your hair extensions consultation.

Generally your total investment will include your hair extensions, the installation, and any additional services, for example, a color and/or blonding service on your natural hair and/or on your hair extensions. Hair extensions pricing is discussed during your consultation. The remaining balance (your hair extensions installation or additional services) are due the day of your installation or additional service. Hair extensions comes in various price points ranging from a few hundred, to a couple thousand. In most cases hair extensions are included in your total investment. If purchasing your own hair extensions please wait till after your hair extensions consultation to purchase hair. If you already have hair extensions please note that install only services are taken on a case by case. It is always recommend to invest in the highest quality hair. High quality Virgin Cuticle Hair: is the highest quality hair available and can be used and will look great for 2-3 installations. The Fresh Mane Hair Extensions Experience pricing breaks down like this:

1. The cost of the hair. After I determine your installation method, you will need to purchase the hair for that method. Are you curious about which hair extensions type might be right for you? Take my quick quiz here. The initial hair investment ranges from $250-$1,500 (deposit included). This total is dialed in during the consultation and is based on where your hair is currently, thickness of your hair, and what is needed to give you flawless hair extensions while keeping your hair healthy. Your hair extensions can be purchased through me or you can purchase the hair on your own. If you purchase through me a non-refundable hair fee is required before I purchase the hair. The hair fee amount is the price of your hair extensions. If you purchase your own hair, I have a list of hair vendors that I recommend. Hair purchase from non-recommended vendors will be installed on a case by case basis. I only install high quality hair and if the hair you purchased doesn't meet my standards I'm not installing it. My top two recommendations to purchase hair from are Bellami Hair Extensions and Doctored Locks.

2. The cost of Installation. Each installation method has it's own starting price and varies based on the amount of hair being installed. You can view starting prices here, however keep in mind that your total investment can only be given after a hair extensions consultation.

3. The cost of additional services i.e. hair color, and coloring hair extensions. Sometimes to get a seamless blend coloring of your hair and/or the hair extensions is necessary. This is especially the case if you are already coloring your hair for blonding, grey coverage or for fantasy colors.

I look forward to hearing from you. If you have questions about hair extensions email me at or If you are ready for hair extensions use this link to book your hair extensions consultation.

A Quick Look At Installation Meathods

Beaded Rows Sew-In

Beaded Rows hair extensions, also known as "Natural Beaded Rows (NBR)", "Handtied Extensions", “braidless sew-ins” or "micro-link rows", are an installation method where hand-tied wefts are commonly installed on to a foundation of beaded rows. This method is very similar to the braided sew-in, except there is no braid necessary to install the hair for this technique. Using a thin portion of the clients natural hair, a ringlet is attached and the clients natural hair and the ringlet is then squeezed together. The weft is then attached by sewing over each bead to create a very flat and natural look. This technique is recommended for clients with fine shoulder length to long hair looking to add fullness, color or and/or length.

Metowi Method/ Invisible Bead / Braid-less/Thread-less

Trained and certified by Metowi! This installation method (created by @Metowi) uses microlinks to install weft hair without thread or glue. This method is recommended for natural curly hair (not relaxed) and requires a Silk Press service every two weeks and a tightening service every 4-6 weeks. So seamless you'll pass the ponytail test with the most versatile hair extensions.

I-Tip Micro-Links

Micro Links are applied using ringlets, a thin portion of the clients natural hair with the micro link ring is squeezed together, in order to secure the extensions. This technique does not include bonding, glue, wax or any other type of product and will not harm the clients natural hair follicles. Micro-links are recommended to add length and fullness to normal/averaged hair. The number of links applied are based on the overall desired look as well as texture, length and fullness of the clients natural hair. When cared properly Micro-Links can last up to 4 months.

Shrinkies /K or U-Tip/Micro Keratin Fusion

Keratin Tips (K-Tips) are pre-tipped pieced (dipped in a protein wax) hair that are used to extend the length of the hair. This method includes bonding the natural hair with the extensions by using a heated tool. We recommended this technique for clients who want to add length as well as color to their natural hair. The number of tips applied are based on the overall desired look as well as texture, length and fullness of the clients natural hair. We also offer the Keratin technique using weft hair, at an additional charge. For protection of your natural hair, we strongly recommend that clients return to Fresh Mane to have their Keratin-Tip extensions professionally removed.

Tape-Ins/Skin Weft Application

Tape-Ins/Skin Weft hair extensions are applied to the hair with a double sided tape method. A thin portion of your hair is sandwich between two pieces of the skin weft human hair and sealed with a low heat for security. This application is great for thin or fine hair as its lays very flat and feels like your natural hair as well as gives your natural hair more volume and length. The skin weft application can be worn as your natural hair and can last 4-5 weeks before they need to be removed and reinstalled.

Braided Sew-In

The Braided Sew In is applied by braiding the clients natural hair (in a specific pattern or individual rows) and machine weft hair is attached using a needle and nylon thread to sew the weft hair onto the braids. This technique has been proven to promote hair growth (when maintained properly) and does not include clips, glue, wax, bonding or any other products to successfully install the extensions. The braided technique is recommended to add length, fullness and texture to the clients natural hair. When maintained properly this technique can last up to two months.


Clip- In hair extensions are lightweight and can easily and quickly be applied to add length and/or volume to hair without damaging the natural hair. This technique does not require a commitment and is recommended for clients looking to add fullness, color and/or length for a special occasion.

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