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Gloss?!? We Don't Need No Freaking Gloss!

Recently I upgraded my color menu to include a Gloss with every Fresh Mane color service. A Gloss Service (formally known as Toning), is a demi-permanent hair color that enhances your hair’s natural shine, changes, revitalizes and/or refreshes the tone of your hair, can provide subtle changes in your hair color, and eliminates brassiness.

A Gloss service can add the extra something special to your hair color however when it comes to Blonding, Gloss is such a very important and required step. That's because it is rare to get the desired tone in the Raw Lift step. Not to go in to the weeds of hair color, the Raw Lift is usually an unflattering color, because everyone lifts warm (no its not just your hair), hence a Gloss is needed to get the desired tone. Lifting hair color without a Gloss is only part of the process and yields undesirable brassy results. I'm a true believer in "Trust The Process" but you have to work the whole process which includes a Gloss to remove brass.

Desierd Hair Color Tone is another reason why Gloss is a part of the hair color process. Some popular desired tone terminology are "Ash" "Icy" "Golden" "Cool" and "Warm". The pictures in this post tell a tale of two glosses. The first bloding service was a Balayage with Money Piece. I used a cool Gloss, it was late summer and it gave my guest beautiful sunkissed hair which my guest loved at the time. A few weeks later it was Autumn and my guest requested subtle warmth to her highlights.

Gloss is a temporary tint of color. You can stretch the life of your Gloss and delay brass in between appointments, using a blue or violet shampoo. I usually recommend blue shampoo for natural brunettes and violet shampoo for natural blondes. I'd love to see you I my chair for a Hair Color service. Click here to book a Hair Color Consultation Appointment online.

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