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411 On Eyelash Extensions

Updated: Jul 11, 2021

Eyelash Extensions are individual lashes, made of either silk, synthetic silk, or mink, that are attached to your natural lashes semi-permanently. Have you ever dreamt of waking up with Bambi lashes but without the raccoon eye mascara dangling a foot under your eye, this is your solution. Curious? Here are a few things you need to know about getting eyelash extensions:

Fullset of Classic Eyelash Extensions
Classic Eyelash Extensions

1. It’s A Very Relaxing Process.

We have a joke…”Lash naps are free”. You lean back in a comfortable reclining chair and close your eyes for a while. Music plays in the background and a lash technician attaches little feathery nothings to your lashes. It’s the most socially acceptable nap-time a working adult could ask for. Be prepared to spend some time relaxing in the lash chair as, lash fills last from 1 to 2 hours and full sets last 2 to 4 hours.

2. Get Your Customized No Mascara Eyelash Style.

Eyelash extensions are customizable. If you know or suspect that you are sensitive to lash glue during your initial consultation for a full set a patch test is conducted. If there is negative reaction after 24 hours you will be scheduled for a lash service. There is a consultation before each lash extensions service (a full set or a fill), to determine and design the lash style you desire. With the utmost priority given to the health of your natural lashes, your lash technician will choose different lash extensions lengths, curls and colors, so that you have the eyelashes that you want when you wake from your lash nap.

Fullset of Volume Eyelash Extensions
Volume Eyelash Extensions

3. Eyelash Extensions Are Semi-Permanent.

The glue used for eyelash extensions is different from the glue used for strip lashes, flares and clusters. Eyelash extensions glue is designed to adhere eyelash extensions to natural lashes and keep them on for several weeks. Oil and make-up that contains oil adversely effects your lash retention (how long your lash extensions stay attached to your natural eyelashes). With proper care, (after care and fills) eyelash extensions can last indefinitely. We recommend receiving a fill services every 2-3 weeks based on your retention.


4. Care & Retention Tips.

Natural eyelashes shed. On average each eye sheds 2-3 lashes a day. Combine that with the loss of eyelash extensions due to poor after care and your are tossing money down the drain. To get the most out of your eyelash extensions you need to be able to follow the after care instructions. Each new full set client receives a lash bath kit and after care instructions so I'm only going to go over the most important one now. First and foremost arrive to every lash appointment (on time and) with clean make-up free lashes. Eyelash extension glue will not adhere to oil and/or make-up (and your lash extensions will come right off). You will loose lash time to having to wash your make-up off or due to having to have a lash bath which there is an up-charge for. Sometimes the make-up can not be removed completely from the eye area in the salon and your appointment will have to be rescheduled.

NO WATER on your lash extensions for at least 24 hours after a lash service. No oily products near your eyes. Remove makeup with oil-free makeup remover and a small make-up brush for precision.

We don’t recommend wearing mascara as keeping your lashes free and clear of build up will give you optimal retention. If you are paying for volume or mega volume lashes, everything you love about them, mascara will destroy. I used to say that if you are wearing classic lashes you could maybe wear mascara as long as it was mascara specifically for eyelash extensions or is “Water Based”. However mascara still has a lot of oil in it and adversely effects the glue bond therefore your lash retention. If you are spending money on eyelash extensions for the "no mascara look" I don't see the point of ruining them with mascara. If you feel that you need mascara in between fills then you are taking to long between fills. Wash your eyelash extensions daily.

Wash your eyelash extensions daily. Wash your eyelash extensions daily. Yes I repeated it 3 times because washing your eyelash extensions is very important to their heath and retention. Oils (especially if you have oily skin), sweat, skin, make-up and debris, get trapped in/on your lashes and the more hours they spend there the more time they have to break down the glue bond which results in poor retention and more frequent fills. After care is not as daunting as it seems and it can defiantly save you money as you can go from fills every 2 weeks to fills every 3 weeks because you are a Retention Rockstar.

5. Yes Eyelash Extensions Can Ruin Your Natural Eyelashes—But They Don’t Have To.

First thing to do in order to keep your natural lashes healthy while wearing eyelash extensions is to make sure your service provider has completed the certification requirements and training from a State Licensed Instructor. Do your research, as questions, find them on social media and view their portfolio of work. Most of the reasons why people have bad experiences with eyelash extensions are due to un-certified individuals, who don’t care about the health of your lashes and don't use the proper tools or techniques to apply lash extensions. When properly applied by a certified lash tech/lash artist eyelash extensions are safe and wont damage your natural lashes. I have been a Washington State licensed cosmetologist since 2009. I took my first lash class (Classics) in 2009, and subsequently took training in 2015, 2016 (Volume) and (Classic, Hybrid, Volume and Mega Volume) in 2019. I post picture of all my work on my social media IG @freshmane and FB @freshmane2011.

Fullset Mega Volume Eyelash Extensions
Mega Volume Eyelash Extensions

Once you get your eyelash extensions, follow the recommended after care sheet, minimize pulling, and rubbing your eye area & lash extensions. Also we recommend using an eyelash growth serum while wearing eyelash extensions. Lash serums gives us lots of healthy lashes to lash and helps with retention. When you no longer want to wear eyelash extensions have them professionally removed (which is fast and painless) or let them fall out naturally. Trying to remove them yourself could be painful and cause damage to your natural eyelashes.

If you are ready for a fresh beauty experience click here to request a consultation with me. See you soon

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