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Ba-Lay-What You Say?

Updated: Nov 7, 2019

Pronunciation of the word Balayage is really unimportant. It gets on my nerve when people get pretentious over the pronunciation. Half the time I wonder if I'm pronouncing it correctly. No need to fret we can call it Hair Painting. What is important are your hair goals. If you desire a sunkissed low maintenance lived in blonde or bronde hair, then Balayage (a hair painting technique) is how I will achieve your hair goals.

Why Balayage and not Traditional Foil Highlights? It depends on your desired end results and the frequency of salon visits you can commit to. What is most important to you?  Low maintenance hair color that needs only two or three salon visits (for hair color) a year? Focused lightness, for example a face framing "Money Piece"? Rooty blonde (or bronde) hair blended with your natural hair color (lowlights) for lots of dimension? Balayage is best for achieving a Sombre; a soft transition from dark roots to light ends; a lived-in natural highlight look that offers a low maintenance subtle change. It is during our consultation that we will delve into and answer these questions to determine if Balayage...uh, hair painting is right for you.

Balayage Brond

An in salon Balayage service on average takes about 3.5 hours. Clay based lighter is strategically painted on the hair and allowed to air process. Olaplex is included with all Fresh Mane lightening services. Glossing (toning) is also included with lightening services for that perfect blend or desired tonal goal (think Iced blonde vs Ashy Blonde vs Natural Blonde), and to add sparkle and shine back to the hair after lightening. A Root-Tap, Shadow-Root, or Color Melt, can be added on to your service for low maintained rooty natural looking dimension.

My general recommended home care after a lightening service is a moisturizing sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner, a sulfate-free violet shampoo, and a deep bond repairing conditioner. We can discuss your hair care regime so that I can recommend styling products specific to your hair.

If you are ready for a fresh beauty experience click here to request a consultation. See you soon.

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